RTL8019AS Ethernet Controller

RTL8019AS Ethernet Controller
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The RTL8019AS is a  full-duplex ethernet controller with plug and play function. It integrates the RTL8019A and 16K-byte SRAM in a single chip. It is designed not only to provide more friendly functions but also to save the effort of SRAM source and inventory.


  • 100-pin PQFP
  • 16K byte SRAM built in
  • Compliant to Ethernet II and IEEE802.3 10Base5, 10Base2, 10BaseT
  • Supports UTP, AUI & BNC auto-detect
  • Software compatible with NE2000 on both 8 and 16-bit slots
  • Supports jumper, jumperless and PnP modes
  • Supports three level power down modes
  • Support 8 IRQ lines
  • Support 4 diagnostic LED pins with programmable outputs


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